What it is:

On this site are recorded, for generations to come, the rancorous outpourings of our beloved founder and CEO, Dr. Ralph "Chunks" Hurliggin. It began as a final project for an HTML class at the local community college, but following a six year "aging" process, it has fermented into a sort of brain fart reposit'ry, as it were, where the echos of a career misspent in the fallow backwaters of the engineering profession can reverberate throughout the ages.  The concepts, principles, realizations and revelations enshrined herein may never see the light of day, but as Maude said to Harold, "We'll always know right they are."

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Mission Statement: "Because We Can"

As everyone in modern management knows: You cannot operate without a mission statement. How on earth would you know what you were doing? Or why you were doing it? We once worked with a gentleman who told us hat he loved to eat lunch and use the restroom because for a few brief, shining moments every day he knew exactly what he was doing and precisely why he was doing it. A mission statement should fill that same need for knowing your place and your purpose. So for all you kids out there from one to ninety-two we offer up this simple phrase: This site exists because it can. (Feel better?)

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Current Initiatives

In no particular order:

  1. Find a reason.
  2. Make a plan.
  3. Do something.
  4. Write it down so we don't forget.

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Q: Why?

A: Why not?

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Fine Print

Cover Photo: "Employees Only" by Mohammed Wong
The main entrance of the RancorTone facility in East Jesus, New Mexico

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